With the release of the Apple SDK, this page is not as useful as it once was. Consider checking out the iPhone DevCenter instead.

This page is a summary of some work I've done (or want to do) related to the iPhone. I've also included links to interesting iPhone projects. Dig through some of the Community links if you want to get started playing with iPhone development.



MobileSynth is a synthesizer.


MobileTerminal is a Terminal emulator for the iPhone. The current unstable release supports vt100 and scrollback, as well as support for gestures for scrolling and arrow keys.


A MacFUSE filesystem, iphonedisk allows you to mount the filesystem of your iPhone when connected with the USB cable.

UIKit Examples

Most iPhone GUI applications so far have been based on UIKit. I've create a few small example programs to play with different parts of the UIKit, and share them to provide examples for others.


HelloApplication is a mirror of the original "hello world" application for UIKit, plus a small bit of code for listing files on the filesystem in a table.


The TextViewDemo was the start of MobileTerminal, and simply executes /bin/ls /Applications and displays the output to a TextView.


The CoreGraphics library is used in TextDrawing to show an alternative way to display text on the screen without using a TextView. This code has been used in the vt100-iterm branch of MobileTerminal. The original version of this demo used UIStringDrawing, but the core graphics drawing is more interesting.


OpenGLDemo shows how to use the OpenGLES.framework on the iPhone. Currently this demo draws a blue background with a rotating white triangle, and needs a lot of work before it could be used in a real application. Suggestions for better ways to do this are welcome! See Andrew J. Willmott's iphone-gl directory. He has much better demos than I do.


KeyboardLayout has example code for changing the layout of the keyboard (including landscape mode and sublayouts).


TileView is a demo program that uses a UITileView and UITile classes, as well as a UIScroller. I think these might have a use in the vt100-iterm branch of MobileTerminal, which does not currently have any scrolling.


telephony is a demo that uses the CoreTelephony framework. Maybe the Cell ID and Station numbers can be used for obtaining location information? CellStumbler is a project which attempts to log this info.


music-player contains some code that uses the MobileMusicLibrary framework. I have some future plans for this.


You will probably find that disassembling iPhone frameworks comes in handy, especially since there is no documentation for any UIKit headers. Currently, your best choices are ravel-arm and otool-arm.

Example usage of ravel-arm on an iPhone framework:

$ ravel-arm -Talksun UIKit


Dock connector

The iPhone has a dock connector, which among other things provides access to the serial port. The pins are similar to the iPod dock connector. Maybe it also supports the Apple Accessory Protocol?


Below you'll find links to other iPhone resources, and also projects that I don't work on directly that are worth watching: